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about Zoe Marlowe

Hello, I hope you enjoy my images on this site I created, and if you are interested in my other images and artwork, or writing, there is a list of some of my other web sites on the CONTACT page on this site.

I am a photographer and graphic designer, plus a graduate of Full Sail University, with my Master's in Education, Media Design and Technology, who enjoys shooting photos of nature, creating web sites from scratch using my own CSS/XHTML code, playing my guitar, and working with my digital images.

I also graduated in June 2010 with my BS in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After all the education is finished, I plan to teach English to speakers of foreign languages in Turkey.

I used to live at the base of some beautiful mountains in northern Utah. This is where most of the animals and scenery photos you see on my site were photographed, although I have traveled extensively so some photos are from more exotic locations.

In case you are wondering, or interested, on this site I used the code for a very simple image viewer from cssPlay. The thumbnails are simply the full size images reduced by the css code associated with this site. When you hover over the thumbnail, the full size image is displayed to the left of the thumbnails! Rather clever isn't it?

Enjoy this site, and thank you for visiting, and please do come back!